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Spec Approvals
Chem-Plate Industries, Inc. can offer products that will meet the following OEM specs:
   DX551205  DX551240  DX551514  GM 6138
   DX551207  DX551241  DX551515  GM 6173
   DX551208  DX551242  DX551516  GM 6174
   DX551210  DX551243  DX551518  GMW 3044 Code G, X, U Pending
   DX551212  DX551244  DX551519  GMW 3359
   DX551213  DX551245  DX551520  GMW 4205
   DX551214  DX551252  DX551522  GMW 4700 Code A, Code B
   DX551215  DX551253  DX551523  GMW 16730
   DX551216  DX551255  DX551525  
   DX551219  DX551257  DX551526  
   DX551220  DX551262  DX551527  
   DX551222  DX551263  DX551529  FORD
   DX551225  DX551265  DX551530  
   DX551226  DX551266  DX551532  S450
   DX551227  DX551273  DX551533  
   DX551228  DX551502  DX551534  
   DX551229  DX551503  DX551536  
   DX551232  DX551504  DX551537  
   DX551233  DX551507  DX551539  
   DX551234  DX551508  DX551540  
   DX551236  DX551509  DX551541  
   DX551237  DX551511  DX552002  
   DX551238  DX551512    
   DX551239  DX551513    
If you have need for a process not listed on this page, please contact our sales department for more information.
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